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Okay, so today I already watched Beauty and the Beast (2017) My sister really excited to watch that, anyway I will give you a little bit "spoiler".. the story of movie still have the same way and also the song in the movie, but there's another new song too. I won't tell you the new song, you have to watch it.. We bought the tickets and the seat almost full. Luckily we've got another two seats left and anyway that's from the front side... Because we don't care about choosing the seat which is comfy to watch the movie, at least we can still watch.
The visual effects really outstanding and still have the old background song opening, well also the romantic scene at the ballroom just like at the old cartoon.
See... that's the little bit "spoiler", wanna know about it? Just hurry on to the cinema, buy the tickets with your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, or your loveable family... and enjoy to watch it
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